Where it all started…..

Longstone is the creator of Point Blank Simulator.

Longstone enjoyed a successful career in IT. Over the years he worked for a variety of different organizations including Start-Ups and Fortune 500 companies. In 2015 he decided to step back from the business world to pursue his own projects.

His lifelong interest in firearms and their engineering lead him to a side job as an operations manager and instructor at a virtual firearms facility. Here he developed a passion for firearms training and instruction. Wanting to improve the services at the facility, Longstone assessed all existing virtual training platforms but was very disappointed. They were all overly expensive for the features offered. Their graphics quality was generally poor, they had little content and if they were video based then the content had limited variability. Only military and large law enforcement systems offered any form of data beyond top ten leader scoreboards.

He realized that he was uniquely equipped to create a data driven, cost effective virtual training platform. Utilizing his decades of experience in distributed architchtures he envisioned a dynamic platfrom where courses of fire could be laid out on demand in different virtual environments where shooters could build their own dryfire training environments with off the shelf consumer technology.

Three years later, Longstone brought Point Blank Simulator to the firearms community. Point Blank will meet the dryfire and fundamental training needs for shooters of all proficiency levels including beginners, competition shooters and firearms instructors. Point Blank Simulator not only provides customizable content but includes extensive data on previous engagement from your first shot to the last round.