If you already have Point Blank Simulator installed, and are wanting to update to the latest version, please download and run the installer below.

If you have downloaded the demo, and now want to purchase PBS, you do NOT need to re-download it.  You will get a licence email, which you input the details into your sim, and it will unlock the Demo version, into Paid version, and any add-ons you have added will then be unlocked.

In your licence email, it will tell you how to go into your PBS backend account where you can download the latest version of the sim.  The link and file is the same as what is found here, if easier to navigate to, to update your sim to the latest version.

The PBS version is displayed when you run the demo or paid version.  At time of writing it is v1.3.0.  You can always check what the latest version is available, by going to our NEWS PAGE, to see if you need to update.

Any issues, please get in touch.  Always happy to help.