The Point Blank Simulator demo is FREE to download and use.  There is no time limit to use, and it wont cut you off and force you to buy, unlike other sims.  You are not limited to just using a mouse, if you have a compatible camera or 3rd party range which has a camera and shot detection system.  The only things that are limited, are the amount of courses to shoot, and our D.O.P.E. scoring is disabled.

The Kinect v2 motion capture will work in the demo also.

If you are looking to test our simulator, please click the demo installer below.  It can be used to install into an existing range, such as Smokeless Range, or SimRange, or as a stand alone (PBS camera needed for stand alone).

As of version 1.3.0, you can use your mouse to test the sim, clicking left mouse button to select items, and to shoot.


When you come to the option in the installer to install as “DEMO”, “STAND ALONE”, “3RD PARTY APP”, please select STAND ALONE, even though you are installing the demo.

If you want to install the demo into Smokeless Range, please navigate to the APPs folder within Smokeless Range’s AppData and then select 3rd Party app within the installer.  Please make sure “create shortcuts on the desktop” is UNCHECKED.

If installing the demo, make sure you check the drivers boxes (Kinect, C++ Visual Composer) and make sure to uncheck the ‘validate range’ option at the bottom.  That option is for people who have bought the range, and to input their licence details upon installation.  If you forgot to do that, there will be a further option to bypass the licensing if needed.

Any issues, please do get in touch via the contact page.

Point Blank Simulator Demo is approximately 4GB in size.