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Our Personal Range is designed generally for the single shooter.  Designed for everyone, from new shooters, all the way to experienced shooters wanting to keep their fundamentals sharp.

The Personal subscription comes with 1 user included.  You can add up to a maximum of 5 users.  Great choice for a house hold, family, small gun club etc.

The range, camera and all add-ons are available from our shop, and are available in £GBP, $USD and €Euros.

Our ranges are monthly subscription based, keeping the initial costs very low.  Have a look at our prices, we are the best value projector based virtual simulator money can buy.

Bring the range home.


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Our Professional Range is designed for Firearms Instructors, Military, Police Units, Close Protection trainers etc.

Mil / LE / CP Operators of any background can use our Home Range for all their personal training, the Professional Range is for people who use the virtual range as an instructional tool or organizations who require ongoing firearms training to support their professional duties.

The range comes with up to 10 users as standard, which can be increased to any amount needed.  Additional user accounts can be purchased individually or in blocks of 10 or 50. Users can be assigned specific roles from administration (Range Officer) to 3 different levels of membership as well as registered visitor.

The Professional Range will be the only range that will include force on force, or human targets and professional tactics and courses when available, and they will only be available to accredited trainers


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Our Commercial subscription is designed for business’ that provide public access to a virtual range as part of their core or supporting business services.

Subscription pricing is based on a low annual renewal for account maintenance with a fixed flat rate “pay as you go” per hour of active use that is billed on a monthly basis. If you have a slow month due to unforeseen circumstances like COVID19 lock-down, you will only be billed for the time that is utilized. Likewise if you have a busy month your invoice will be predictable allowing you to budget operational expenses effectively.

The Commercial subscription includes 4 additional accounts for administration (Range Officer) that have permissions to download and update software or modify range instance settings. 5 additional member/general user accounts are also included, and like our professional subscription, additional user accounts can be purchased individually or in blocks of 10 or 50.