Critical Task Evaluation Drills (CTEs) are a standardised set of firearms drills, to demonstrate a minimum proficiency level, to remain in the fire team etc that is doing the exam.  They are pass or fail drills.

The PAR times are set to NATO Special Forces levels.

Below are videos by Tactical Rifleman, showcasing the CTE’s that Karl and his teams would use, and still teach to this day.  Karl Erickson was a Green Beret, in 5th Special Forces Group (USSF).

Our Critical Task Evaluation Drills are a paid add-on for our Basic Range.  Available for Personal, Professional and Commercial Ranges.

In this video, Karl and Coach show you all the CTE Drills in one video.  Below, each CTE will be shown individually.

1. Pistol Presentation Drill

2. Pistol Combat Reload

3. Rifle Low Ready

4. Rifle High Ready

5. Rifle Combat Reload

6. Transition Drill

7. Check Drill

8. Rifle Now Drill

9. El Presidente Pistol Drill

10. El Presidente Transition Drill

11. El Presidente Shoulder Switch