We pride ourselves on our active customer service.  Whether you have pre-sales questions, or are an existing customer who has an issue, we are here to help.

We can be contacted via email pbs@simulator-support.com or via our website chat box.  If we are online, it will say chat, if we are offline, it will say leave a message, and we will get back to you ASAP.

We are on WhatsApp, and can be messaged directly there, and can also receive calls internationally at no cost to yourself.  WHATSAPP IS THE FASTEST AND PREFERRED METHOD OF CONTACT, second would be insta DM.

We are also on Instagram and Facebook.  We are very active on Instagram, so can be contacted via Insta DM “POINTBLANKSIMULATORUK“.

We look forward to talking to you.



This image will download the SplashTop SOS software onto your machine.  Don’t click unless you need assistance with your simulator and have already talked to us, and arranged a session,

If you are struggling with installation, or any other issue, we have a premium SplashTop SOS account.  This means you can download SplashTop remote desktop software.  You can give us temporary access to your PC, only when you are on it, and accept the session.  We can then aim to fix any issues.  So don’t struggle with something, just get in touch.  Once you talk to us, we will say to click the SOS logo and give us the 9 digit code.