The video here, will show you how to set up your new PBS Camera.  If your camera is seeing in colour, please refer to the section below ‘Camera Settings Download‘.

Video covers:

  • What comes in the box.
  • How to mount to a tripod.
  • How to zoom and focus the camera.
  • How to run camera calibration.
  • How to run the shot detection.

Your camera, when used in the Camera Calibration software, should be in black and white, and ready to accept IR lasers.  If your camera is showing full colour, or a red tint, your PC has changed the settings.  You will need to convert the settings back to how they should be.  By clicking the image on the right, it will download the software to do this.  The software is called AMCAP (NEW), the video will guide you through the method.

If the text in the camera calibration software is cut off / too large, it is because you don’t have the font loaded on your PC, so is defaulting to some other one.  To fix this, just click the image to download the correct font, which is “EUROCAPS”.  Then click the ‘DOWNLOAD’ Button on the left.  Once installed, it should look as intended.  We will be changing the font to a standard PC Windows 10 font in due course.  Stand by.

To install, just double click on the ‘EUROCAPS.TTF‘, once downloaded.  Once it opens, click install, and you are good to go.  This will take you no more than 1 minute to do.

Some people experience issues with their recoil pistols, not being detected by our automatic shot detection.

Here is our manual shot detection, and a video on how to use it.  It should solve any recoil issues you are having.  We are updating our automatic shot detection as we speak, to cater for all recoil IR laser guns on the market.  Stand by.