30th July 2020 – Dell / Intel UHD / Nvidia issues

We are aware of an issue on some lower end laptops, that have integrated Intel UHD graphics card, with a more powerful Nvidia secondary card.

The issues seems to steam from the hybrid graphics that are used on Dell and Alienware laptops.  We are working with Intel, Nvidia and Dell to find a solution.

The Intel UHD card seems to control the HDMI output and overrides the Nvidia 3D render settings.  When Nvidia is selected for 3D rendering, the Intel card should not interfere with the Nvidia card, but instead, it makes the Nvidia card output to the native resolution of the projector or TV.  For example, you can be on Windows desktop 1080p, then load up the sim.  As soon as the sim loads up, it turns on the Nvidia card, and makes the projector, and desktop, native to the projector (WXGA 800p etc).  This causes an issue, as Point Blank Simulator, and our Shot Detection, all need to be run at the same resolution, which is 1920×1080 (1080p HD).

If anyone has experienced this issue on a Dell, or even on a laptop that isn’t a Dell, please give us a shout and tell us your experience.  It will help us sort this issue with Dell machines.

If you have a higher end laptop and run Intel 630 UHD and Nvidia GTX1060, the sim will work fine, as they work as they should do, separate from each other.

As always, if you have any technical issues or set up questions, please do give us a shout.  We are here to help.

We will report back when Dell comes up with a solution.