1st December 2020 – 1.3.0 is here!

The eagerly awaited massive update to our Point Blank Simulator range is here!

Version 1.3.0 has a huge overhaul, fixing many bugs that our customers have reported.

The main addition to the sim is our brand new menu system.  It is much clearer to navigate, and everything has its separate sections, such as BASIC (included in base sim package), STATIC TARGET, DYNAMIC TARGETS, PLINKING, CIVILIAN DRILLS, CTE DRILLS, IPSC COMPETITION, USPSA COMPETITION, ACTIVE THREAT (pro accounts only).

We have completely changed the way you register your simulator now.  There is no need to go into your PBS backend, it is all automated.  All you do is tick “register simulator” in the installer, and then input your licence details from your welcome email, and off you go.

We really hope you enjoy the improvements, and as always, if you spot any issues or bugs, please do report them.  We are very active on dev and supporting you.

Be safe, have fun, shoot straight.