laser guns

Laser Enabled Firearms

Our system works with most existing laser dry fire training firearms, add-ons, drop-in barrels or bullets


HD High Speed Camera

Our shot detection camera detects – visible RED, and INFRA-RED.  IR is essential for recoil guns.

value for money

Best Value For Money

Our system is the best value for money projector based simulator available, with very affordable monthly payments



1080p next gen HD graphics driven by Unreal4 Gaming Engine


Kinect Motion Capture

Our motion capture system relays your movements to the system, for a higher immersion

Dry Fire Training, redefined.

Established in 2018, Point Blank Simulator is a dry fire training platform built in response to the question; “Can we do better than what is out there?” 24+ months of blood, sweat and dedication and we have a minimum viable product offering that says HECK YEAH! And we’ve barely started.

Point Blank Simulator is a must for those wishing to improve on their shooting and firearms safety, and save precious ammunition where possible.  It’s the ideal tool for the personal user at home, all the way to weapons and shooting instructors.  It is a training solution that can be incorporated into your firearms course easily and safely, allowing students to learn weapons and standards before heading to a live range.  The simulator gives firearms instructors a safe method to evaluate a shooters safety, that is much more engaging and interesting than just sat in a classroom.

With a very high level of quality and attention to detail, PBS stands out from the crowd, in part to it’s powerful gaming graphics engine and real world ballistics, making PBS one of the nearest things you will use to shooting live rounds at a range.

With static and dynamic courses of fire, it can be used to aid marksmanship principles training.  Whether you are a novice or someone with a lot of experience, PBS has all skill levels covered.  Shooting is a perishable skill and should be constantly trained.

From warm ups to IPSC competitions, against the clock firearms drills to even more testing CTE military drills.  Test your skills, test your safety, test your friends, will they also make the grade?

Please see what PBS can offer you, and if you have an questions, please do get in touch.  Always here to help.

As always when it comes to any form of firearm, safety first.  Treat all training and training firearms with the same respect you would with a live firearm.

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